September 2023 Program Recording

The recording of the presentation from Dan Greenberg titled “Finding, Shooting, and Editing Car Photographs” given to the Focus Camera Club on September 13, 2023.

Program Description

The presentation covers how Dan finds cars to photograph, how he photographs them and, mostly, how he edits them in Lightroom, Photoshop and Photomatix HDR using plugins and filters from Topaz, Nik/DxO and On One and with a wide variety of filters.

The techniques shown in the editing examples will be of value for all types of photography, not just automotive.

About Dan
Dan Greenberg is a photographer specializing in fine art automotive photography, based in Parker, Colorado. He has been photographing vehicles of all types at car events, in salvage yards, at custom portrait sessions and many other places and situations for over thirty years. His work has been published in car magazines as well as in his own series of self-published and ever growing series of car art books available on

See his work at


0:00 Club News & Intro, 7:33 Editing overview and car shooting tips, 16:36 Gear and shooting tips for car shows, 33:10 Shooting situation examples, 50:54 Hood ornament shot examples, 58:04 Cars in salvage yards, 1:01:42 More about finding car shows, 1:04:38 Image processing tools / techniques, 1:48:54 Background Obfuscation, 2:01:09 Outro – Buh bye