September 2022 Program Zoom Recording

Recording of the presentation from Nic Stover titled “Evaluating and Working with Light in Landscape Photography” given to the Focus Camera Club on September 14, 2022.

Program Description

In this presentation, Nic talked about how the most important thing in photography is you and how you look through the light harvester (IE the camera) and the choices and decisions you make on how to collect the light that is falling in front of you onto your subjects of choice. Nic doesn’t have mastery of light nor the power to control it but he discussed what we CAN control – how we react to the light we are given, maybe not the light we want, but the light we are given. Nic considers the science and study of light to be one of our most important pursuits in photography. This presentation will increase your understanding of how to work with light.

Nic Stover Photography exists to help nature photographers, who are interested in deeper connections, to create more impactful images, so they can confidently and consistently express themselves.
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0:00 Club News and Intro, 9:52 Presentation overview, 15:33 New ways to think about light, 24:15 5 Elements of Compelling images, 27:34 How Light shapes our images / Characteristics of Light, 50:16 Effectively using Light in our images, 54:48 3 Ways to deepen our understanding of Light, 59:24 Closing comments and Q & A