September 2022 Competition Zoom Recording

A recording of our September 2022 Competition hybrid meeting. The subject was “Black & White” for this competition.

Our judge was Kevin Holliday, a previous member of Focus Camera club and an internationally recognized fine art black and white photographer now residing in metropolitan Atlanta. His work has a primary focus on architecture, landscape, and long-exposure minimalism, where it is noted for its attention to simple elements, leading lines, and negative space. Kevin attributes this attention to his background in graphic design.

(Kevin was kind enough to supply our camera club with a new logo and other branding materials in 2017. We’ll always be grateful Kevin.)

Learn more about Kevin and see his award winning work at

This video has images from all the competition groups, and they are presented in random order. After a brief intro, the competition judging starts.


0:00 Intro & Club News, 9:22 Group 1 Judging, 28:24 Group 2 Judging, 44:10 Group 3 Judging, 1:06:36 Q & A / Outro