President’s Message January 2012

From Joe Bonita and Frank Gibbs

Focus Members,

As I prepare to leave the presidency of our club, I’ve been looking back to assess the changes that have taken place during the last two years. As I see it, here is what we’ve accomplished during that time:

We have updated the club’s by laws to bring them into line with our actual operations and to eliminate anachronistic provisions.

We’ve updated the rules for our competitions to make the criteria for promotions more objective. Similarly, in my view, we have made the criteria for promotion from f11 to f16 more reasonable by recognizing that it is a certain level of quality of work that matters rather than the winning of Photographer of the Year award.

We’ve also tried to place more emphasis on the teaching than before. Examples are the institution of the 5th Tuesday mentoring sessions, the critique sessions in the themed competition meetings, and the transformation of the “Best of the Best” competition into a sharing of techniques and ideas by and between the members. Because it was felt that there was insufficient learning value in it for our members, we withdrew from the Colorado Council of Camera Clubs.

I’m sure I’ve left out some things but I don’t want to leave out this: None of this could have happened without the concerted effort of the members of the Executive and Competition committees and without the thoughtful suggestions from you, our club members.

On a sad note, the business priorities of the animal hospital in which we have met for so long have necessitated our seeking a new meeting venue. My heartfelt thanks, and I’m sure the thanks of all of the club members, goes out to Judy Deist, who graciously made it possible for to use the hospital’s facilities for all those years without cost. THANK YOU JUDY!

It’s been my great honor and pleasure to serve as your president for the last two years and I wish the incoming president and other officers of the club the good fortune I’ve had as they carry the club forward into the future!

Joe Bonita


Focus Members,

As we start the New Year, the new executive committee is already working to make Focus a better camera club. We will continue looking for a new home until we find one that we can always count on.

The number of competitive entries seems to be dropping, therefore we will continue to explore new ways to stimulate more entries. The success of our club and the photographic growth of our members is directly related to the desire to compete.

Educational opportunities were greatly increased last year and we expect even more this year.

Our methods of electronic communication will be analyzed for timeliness and quality in hopes of keeping everyone well informed and bringing in new members.

We have many talented members in this club. We will be looking at many of you to present new ideas to help our club improve and grow.

This is what we will be discussing at our next board meeting. Then we will have an open meeting to incorporate more ideas into our plan. So be thinking about that…..

Happy New Year!

Frank Gibbs