October 2022 Program Zoom Recording

Recording of the presentation from Owen Newnan titled “Sharp Images with Telephoto Lenses” given to the Focus Camera Club on October 12, 2022.

Program Description

This talk presents guidelines and techniques to achieve sharp detail when shooting with telephoto lenses. It explores shutter speed, focus and ISO during image capture and also equipment selection and preparation before the shoot. Some of the conclusions are counter-intuitive.

Owen traveled on a safari with his son to Tanzania, where he shot some great scenes but was often disappointed with the sharpness of the images. He studied this after the fact, and concluded that sharpness can be especially problematic when using telephoto lenses. This led him to changes in his kit and technique…and to sharing this information with our club.



0:00 Club News and Intro, 9:05 Presentation Intro, 12:06 Camera Bodies Matter, 22:20 Camera Shake & IS, 32:29 AF Tips & Tuning, 41:17 DOF and Diffraction, 56:52 Quick Setup on a DSLR, 1:01:41 Conclusions / Q & A