October 13 Program Zoom Recording

Recording of the presentation from Nate Luebbe titled “Launching a Camera into the Stratosphere to Capture Northern Lights” given to the Focus Camera Club on October 13, 2021.

Program Description

Filmmaker and photographer, Nate Luebbe, had always been fascinated by the night sky and in particular, the Aurora Borealis. But he always felt disconnected – what if you could change your perspective and witness the spectacle from a vantage point other than the ground? How close could you get?

Nate takes us behind the scenes of his “Light Side Up” project, explaining all the planning, trial and error, support from sponsors, and the eventual success of capturing the Northern Lights in Alaska from over 100,000 feet.

The full 30 minute “Light Side Up” video is on YouTube here and can be viewed in 4K.

Learn more about Nate and his workshop and images for sale at his website https://www.nateluebbe.com/


0:00 Intro and Club news, 8:00 Intro to the Project, 14:36 Why Alaska?, 17:39 Calculations and Initial Planning, 30:05 Testing the Ideas, 35:37 Payload Setup and Gear, 42:06 First Flight (fail), 49:25 Sony Says Go Again, 58:13 The results, 1:00:35 Q & A and end