November 2023 Program Recording

The recording of the presentation from Steve Wilton titled “The Road to Finding a Niche and Personal Style” given to the Focus Camera Club on November 8, 2023.

Program Description

Steve Wilton, a member of FCC since 2021, presented his personal story that chronicles the past few years when he resurrected a decades-dormant photo hobby during the COVID pandemic.

Working exclusively in monochrome, Steve created various photographic projects for himself to pursue. With the subject matter dictated by the project design, Steve has been able to concentrate on technique, composition, and elaborating a theme or story. Steve feels that this approach was quite beneficial for him in evolving his skills and it might be helpful for other club members as well who may find themselves struggling to find a suitable photographic topic or wrestling with specific skills.

Check out Steve’s online portfolio and award winning images at


0:00 Club News & Intro, 8:50 Steps to Finding a Niche, 17:39 Time’s up…Pick 3 Niches, 20:05 Write the Manifesto, 31:54 Finding a Personal Style intro, 33:56 Q&A About the Process, 44:00 Style Radar, Defining and Using it, 1:16:47 Final Q&A and Outro