November 13 Program Zoom Meeting

A recording of the presentation from Erik Holladay-McCann titled “Luminosity Masks in Photoshop and Lightroom” given to the Focus Camera Club on November 13, 2020.

The Program Description

Working in luminosity masks has been a key to more dynamic photos. Software has advanced insanely in the past year so we will be checking out two techniques for learning and using luminosity masks.

The first will be the old school way in Photoshop. The second part will be all about the new tools in Lightroom that can just as precise and targeted as the photoshop technique.

Erik was a photojournalist but has transitioned to a portrait/wedding photographer. He also loves travel and landscape work, and this tutorial will focus on working with landscape images. Erik’s website is at

Tools mentioned in the video.
Tony Kuyper’s TK7 addon for Photoshop
and a free (slightly older) version that works well too.

Sean Bagshaw on Youtube – Luminosity Masks and TK7 tutorials

Enjoy the video.