Notes from the August Flash class

(from Paul)

We had a great turnout for the Flash Photography class August 28th. Links to the PDF handouts are below if you missed it. I also added something published in the Focus newsletter awhile back that highlights the Nikon CLS system that you might find useful.

For you Nikon shooters, here is a cheat sheet mentioned in the class (PDF). This is a newer version and doesn’t include setup for the SB-800. (If you’d like a copy of the older version that does include SB-800 instructions you can contact Paul.)

Russ Macdonald runs one of the best sources of information on the Nikon CLS system. Start with this post about Nikon flashes and read some of the others linked in the sidebar.

Files from the class

Grab the Flash 101 PDF here

Grab the Intro to the Nikon CLS PDF here

(Right click and use  Save As to download the PDF files linked in this post.)