Membership in the Focus Camera Club is far more valuable than the $50 per year we charge. Where else can you learn throughout the year from over 60 talented photographers? Month after month, you’ll get an opportunity to learn from the pros how to make better images using various photo techniques or the latest digital imaging software.

Some Benefits of Membership

  • Monthly educational Program and Competition meetings.
  • Recordings of past Program and Competition meetings starting with April 2020. Some of these
    are members only Programs – unique content not available on the website.
  • Access to the complete library of Photograph America newsletters.
  • Access to the club owned Color Munki monitor calibration device.
  • A monthly Newsletter with club info, tutorials, links to online learning resources, photo contests, local photo opportunities, and more.
  • Mentors – experienced club members – available to help and guide you in a variety of ways.

How to Join

(Renewing members need to do steps 1 and 2)

STEP 1 – You must download a PDF of the FCC Membership Form to print, fill out, sign and send in to our Treasurer. Follow the instructions on the form and supply the information requested.

STEP 2 – Pay the annual membership dues. Either mail a check with your membership form OR use Zelle as instructed below (it’s also on the membership form). If you use Zelle it is essential you still print, fill out, sign and send in the membership form so we will have all your info.

STEP 3 – New paid Members wishing to participate in our monthly competitions must submit a sample of their work for review in order to be placed in the proper competition group. Details are on the membership form. (you’ll be emailing a Zip file of @10 JPG images at 1600px of some of your recent work to our competition staff)

There is also a spot on the Membership form to optin to sharing your email address on our Club only list. The purpose of the list is to allow members to connect with each other for photoshoots or learning sessions. It is distributed only to current paid members and will not be posted online or shared otherwise.

Take us for a test drive

Not sure if Focus is right for you? Attend a meeting or two, no obligation. We encourage prospective members to join us for a meeting and see if they “fit” with the group. Focus Camera club is a friendly group of like minded photographers; we’re confident you’ll find your place with us.

Visit the Meetings page or the Calendar to find info on when we meet and use the form provided to request an invite to a Zoom meeting. Or better yet, attend in person at Lone Tree Civic Center and meet our members, have a chat with them, and enjoy the personal connection and camaraderie we missed during the Covid years. You can also get a feel for how our meetings go by viewing the free recordings we have of our past Zoom meetings.

Electronic payment of Club Dues

Zelle is an electronic funds transfer service supported by many of the major banks across the country. It allows you to quickly and easily pay someone (or an organization) with a couple of clicks. You must still fill out a Membership PDF form and send it to the address on the form.

Get a basic overview of Zelle here and see which banks directly support it

To pay your Focus Club dues you would…

  • Open your banking app
  • Find the Pay with Zelle link (check your bank’s website for info)
  • Enter as the payment recipient
  • Enter the amount and date to pay
  • Enter your account to pay from

Instructions for your bank may vary a bit from what is listed above but those are the basic steps.
(Note that the Membership chair or Treasurer of Focus Camera Club cannot provide support for how you use Zelle with your particular bank. It’s something you need to address with your bank directly.)

Membership questions? Fill out the form below.