Our Calibration Tool

Calibrite Display Pro HL

In January 2024 the club purchased a new calibration device for members to use. Our old Color Munki device wasn’t able to handle newer monitor technologies or operating systems.

The Display Pro HL can handle modern monitors, now and into the future. Straight from their website:

  • The advanced HL (high luminance) sensor enables greater color accuracy for current and new display technologies
  • Accurately measures LCD, mini-LED, OLED displays and Apple XDR panels
calibrite display pro hl front500

Requesting to use the device (club members only)

All it takes is an email to vicepresident [at] focuscolorado.com and request it. Our VP will coordinate getting the device to you and picking it back up again. Please be respectful of other club members and calibrate your monitor quickly. We want everyone who does not have a monitor calibration device to be able to use this.

Software and Tutorials

The Calibrite Profiler Software can be downloaded from https://calibrite.com/us/calibrite-profiler/

A Quick Start guide for the device is here. https://calibrite.com/us/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2023/06/Calibrite-Display-devices-QSG-0623.pdf

On the Calibrite YouTube channel is a playlist explaining about using the software.

We would suggest you go ahead and grab the software and Quick Guide BEFORE you even get the device. Familiarize yourself with the process and how the device works so that when you do get it you can quickly and efficiently calibrate your monitor.

Running through one of these video tutorials will also be helpful, before and during the process. View whichever one you need for your computer and monitor type.

How to Calibrate Any External Displays Windows Edition with Calibrite Profiler
How to Calibrate Any Windows Laptop & All-In-One PC Displays with Calibrite Profiler
Pro Guide: How to Calibrate any display connected to a Mac with Calibrite Profiler
How to Calibrate any Apple Displays, iMac, Mac Laptop with Calibrite Profiler

One final video for the Mac users with certain Macbooks or the Pro XDR and Studio displays. There are some specific settings you need to set in the OS in order to get the best results.

Ultimate Calibration Guide for Apple 14″ & 16″ MacBook Pro XDR Display (also for 27″ 5K  Studio display)