May 2023 Program Recording

The recording of the presentation from Cole Thompson titled “Envisioning / Executing / Critiquing (B&W Images)” given to the Focus Camera Club on May 10, 2023.

Program Description

Cole Thompson’s “black-and-white fine art photography” seeks to represent his vision of things rather than to simply document a reality. In this program, he presents (1) the distinction between a perception of a scene in color – observed and then captured by the camera – and a B&W vision of the scene (“Eye vs Vision”), (2) the use of six image-editing tools to execute a B&W vision, and (3) the critiquing of images as a way to improve our photography. Throughout he emphasizes his photographic philosophy that vision is the most important tool in his toolbox.

The best way to appreciate Cole’s qualification is through his image portfolios on his website.


0:00 Club News and Intro, 7:25 Who is Cole Thompson?, 9:09 Cole’s growth toward Vision, 19:37 Execute your Vision, 30:08 Learning New Skills, 51:04 Critique your Images, 1:16:52 Summary, 1:17:44 Q & A / Outro