May 2022 Program Recording

Recording of the presentation from Chris Attrell titled “Night Photography” given to the Focus Camera Club on May 11, 2022.

Program Description

Chris Attrell illustrates his program on night photography with images of abandoned places and small towns in the Canadian plains. You may recognize some similar opportunities in Colorado. Among other things, he will cover painting with light, selecting lens, staying safe, getting access permissions, and (briefly cover) photographing the auroras.

For more about Chris, see his website at His YouTube channel is at


0:00 Intro / Club News, 5:06 Safety & other tips, and lenses, 10:12 Camera Settings & Exposure, 15:38 Focusing challenges, 24:58 Manual Exposure for Success, 37:23 Night shooting tips, 39:15 Auroras, 41:48 2 Important Checks!, 43:18 Light Painting, 57:20 Light Wand for Night Photos, 59:17 Q & A