June 23 Competition Zoom Recording

NOTE: Due to technical issues the competition images do not appear as sharp, contrasty, or saturated as the actual submitted JPGs. Keep that in mind when viewing.

A recording of our June 2021 Competition held via Zoom. The subject was “Still Life” for this competition.

Our judge was Cheryl Opperman, a nationally acclaimed nature photographer who has traveled to every continent in the world capturing spectacular images of nature, wildlife, and indigenous cultures. Widely published, her photographs have appeared in print, on the web, on television, and in solo and group exhibits.


0:00 Club News & Judge Intro, 11:19 F5.6 Judging, 20:03 F8 Judging, 38:54 F11 Judging, 59:47 F16 Judging, 1:23:21 End comments / Outro