June 2023 Program Recording

The recording of the presentation from Doug Johnson titled “A Foundation for a Macro World” given to the Focus Camera Club on June 14, 2023.

Program Description

Macro photography exposes a world that is mostly unseen with the naked eye and allows us to discover new visual adventures each time we shoot. With macro photography details, colors and textures that are often unseen are revealed.

This presentation will teach you the tools and workflow to get close-up and capture those amazing moments when little things get big! Doug will also be addressing natural and studio close-up work.

Learn more about Doug and the workshops and tutorials he offers on his website at https://www.dougjohnsonphotography.com/


0:00 Club News and Intro, 5:55 Presentation overview, 11:31 Equipment for macro shooting, 18:28 Getting close; lenses, extension tubes, etc., 45:29 Focusing for sharp images, 47:14 Close Up Stability, 54:04 End of Break / Composition, 1:01:12 Depth of Field, 1:12:10 Modifying Light, 1:23:57 Creative Examples, 1:30:36 Q & A and final comments