June 12 Program with Lars Gesing

Recording of the presentation by Lars Gesing titled “Tell Me a Story” given to the Focus Camera Club on June 12, 2020.

Lars shows examples of his work and talks about writing “a story” about the image describing your WHY and how you connect emotionally or otherwise with that photo.

The Program Description


A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Yes. But…far too often, photographers focus too much on the technical process of taking a picture, forgetting to ask the most important question: Why? Why am I taking this photo? What draws me to the scene?

Not only will this simple question make you a better photographer, because it will make you see more intentionally. But, more importantly, for those of us who are looking to express ourselves with our photography, asking why? informs what we want to say with our image. Because in the end, photography is the ultimate storytelling exercise.

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Enjoy the video of this excellent Program.