September 2012 Newsletter

We’ve got the September 2012 newsletter with part 4 of our Focus club history. You’ll also find: Awesome photos from last month’s competition Contests and local events A few for sale items You can download a PDF of the FCC Sept 2012 Newsletter here.

August 2012 Newsletter

The August newsletter continues the Focus club history with 1997 to 2001 covered. There were many changes during those years and we saw the beginning of the transition to digital imaging. Plus, all the usual “goodness” like images from last month’s competition, upcoming contests and calls for entry, and a few other tidbits. You can …

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July 2012 Newsletter

The next part of your Focus “history lesson” is in the July newsletter. See how the club developed in years 6-10 and how some current members contributed to its success. There is also news of our Facebook efforts, a number of contests and tutorials online, and links to fireworks articles. Enjoy. You can download the FCC …

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June 2012 Newsletter

The June newsletter features the first in a series of articles detailing the 25 year history of the Focus Camera Club. Learn how we got started and some of the growing pains in the first few years. You’ll also find: A link to an article on optimizing your Facebook business Page More photo contests to …

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May 2012 Newsletter

The May newsletter has lots of nice people portraits from the competition. And an important note from “The Prez” about competitions and judging. Make sure you read it. You’ll also find: Info on Stan Rose’s storm Photography presentation A calendar competition you can enter Something new at the Zoo A 41 MP camera phone (yeah, …

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April 2012 Newsletter

The April newsletter has a link to Tim’s notes from his HDR class and some stunning photos from the previous month’s competition. You’ll also find: Online photo contests from Outdoor Photographer A bunch of photo sharing sites to try out Scheduling issues with our first meeting of the month You can download a PDF of …

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March 2012 Newsletter

The March newsletter has a great article from Russ on cleaning up an image and adding elements. You’ll get some great tips to add to your Photoshop knowledge. You’ll also find: The meeting agenda for the March 1 meeting Info on our 5th Thursday session on HDR with Tim Visser A free pass to the …

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