February 2024 Competition Recording

A recording of our February 2024 Competition held both in-person and via Zoom. The subject was “Negative Space” for this competition.

Our judge was Trish Sangelo. Professor Trish Sangelo has a Master of Fine Art and Photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art. She has been the Gallery Director for the Colorado Gallery of the Arts and has been teaching studio arts, commercial/fine art photography and study abroad at Arapahoe Community College for over 32 years.

This video has images from all the competition groups and they are presented in random order.

After a brief intro, the competition judging starts.


0:00 Intro & Club News, 10:05 Part 1 Judging, 27:46 Part 1 9’s/10’s, 33:37 Part 2 Judging, 52:28 Part 2 9’s/10’s, 1:00:15 Part 3 Judging, 1:12:37 Part 3 9’s/10’s, 1:20:18 Part 4 Judging, 1:33:39 Part 4 9’s/10’s, 1:37:51 Q & A / Outro