February 2023 Program Recording

The recording of the presentation from Justin Key titled “The Photographer’s Eye: Honing the Creative Vision that Drives Us” given to the Focus Camera Club on February 8, 2023.

Program Description

Justin talked about introspective techniques and self-critiques that have helped him improve his work and develop his photographic style. Along the way, Justin will talk about his creative process that led him to create his Skeletons Series of tree photographs and his Sands Study of sand dunes pictures.

Justin Key hails from Green Bay, WI, but has traveled extensively across the U.S. and around the world, capturing images all along the way. As he noted, “I’ve never felt as much purpose in life as I did the first time I held a camera.” After he bought his first camera, he started to see the world in compositions and he even had his Dad turn the car around so that he could get out to take his first picture.

You can view Justin’s work on his website https://www.justinkeyphotography.com/


0:00 Intro and Club News, 8:55 Justin Intro, 11:27 What is it? Why it’s important., 21:53 Finding your eye, 27:54 Getting acquainted with your eye, 37:08 Justin’s Skeleton series, 42:07 Ways to improve, 47:10 Justin’s Sand Study and new work, 53:42 Q & A / Outro