February 2022 Program Recording

Recording of the presentation from Ken Smith titled “Recreating the Past One Frame at a Time” given to the Focus Camera Club on February 9, 2022.

Program Description

Ken discussed what he does to create nostalgic looking images from real life scenes like Depression era images at the Henry River Mill Village near Hickory, NC, to WWII scenes, to even traveling with up to 17 different vintage bicycles throughout the US placing them in landscape images. There was a lively Q&A after his presentation.

Visit his website for more info and to view his work. https://www.kensmithgallery.com/


0:00 Intro, 5:24 Ken’s Journey, 15:29 The photo that changed everything, 18:02 Fine Art to Storytelling, 24:34 American Peddlers (bicycles), 31:40 COVID cancels all but 2 shoots, 43:45 2021 Photo Shoots, 54:54 2022 Model A Project, 57:00 Q & A