Competition Definitions

The whole year on one page.

Grab your copy of the FCC 2024 Competition Subjects list PDF here. Print it out and keep it as a handy reference. Be sure to also download a PDF of the FCC Competition Rules for reference.

General Information on editing and image-making. UNLESS TO THE CONTRARY IN THE SPECIFIC DEFINITION, there are minimal restrictions on the use of software, camera filters, in camera controls, etc. to edit a digital photo or to make prints, as long as it is clear that the image started out as a photograph. No generative AI images; submitted images must begin as a photo from a camera. Also, at least 50% of the image must be your original image and any composite must be constructed of all your own images.

Thus, editing an image such that it cannot be casually determined that it was originally a photograph, would not be acceptable for submission in Focus Camera Club, even though it might be a great piece of artwork. See our Competition Rules PDF for a full description and limitations on entered images.

Competitions are generally held on the 4th Wednesday of each month (no December competition meeting). Check our Calendar or any Newsletter PDF for details.

2024 Competition Subjects

January 24 – OPEN – The Open category allows photographers to submit images of any subject matter. Members are encouraged to explore photographic techniques and subjects outside their usual style.

February 28 – NEGATIVE SPACE – Balancing your main subject (positive space) with a purposeful amount of negative space is the goal. Well done compositions with negative space tell a more complete story and give context to the main subject. For example, a lone tree with a wide-open sky, or someone sitting alone in a park. The space around the subject evokes certain emotions or feelings.

March 27 – SHOT WITH A PHONE – Nearly everyone has a phone in their pocket or purse all the time. Take it out and use it this month. Built-in camera apps are very capable, and tools like Lightroom Mobile, Snapseed, and many others expand those capabilities if you decide to shoot and edit all on your phone.

April 24 – RULE OF ODDS – Shoot something with an odd number of subjects: 3, 5, 7, 9, etc. (too many subjects become a group and they lose a meaningful connection or balance) Even though 1 is an odd number, we won’t allow images with a single subject. We want to see multiple subjects connecting with or balancing each other.

May 22 – LONG EXPOSURE – Long exposure photography usually involves using a long shutter speed on a stationary camera (use a tripod for best results). Feel free to experiment with panning or ICM techniques also. The requirement is an exposure time of 1/2 second or longer. Images using photo editing software to create any blur, movement, or simulate long exposures will be disqualified.

June 26 – SOUND – We know, this is a photo competition, not a video competition. Sounds are physical things and can’t be captured in a photo. True…but the perception of sound can be represented in a photo. If you walk by a coffee shop and see people laughing inside, you can’t hear them, but you know they are making joyful sounds. We want you to capture that perception with images and “show” the sounds that make life wonderful.

July 24 – OPEN – The Open category allows photographers to submit images of any subject matter. Members are encouraged to explore photographic techniques and subjects outside their usual style.

August 28 – HIGH NOON – (give or take an hour) Everyone says midday is a horrible time to shoot. So sorry; that’s exactly what we want you to do. Take advantage of the light and shadows, include lens flare creatively, look for subjects that benefit from direct sunlight (flowers, architectural shapes and shadows, etc.) and create striking images.

September 25 – COMPLEMENTARY COLORS – Find pairs of colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, and use them together in a photo to create a visually striking image that showcases their relationship. Whether you find scenes in the real world, or create something using lighting, strobes, gels, and colored backgrounds, the choice is yours.

October 23 – SHALLOW DOF – Using Depth of Field creatively can draw the viewer’s eye to the main subject. We’re drawn to the sharper part of an image, not the blurred background or slightly out of focus areas near the subject. Show us your best images with shallow DOF. Multiple factors affect DOF. Use Lens focal length, aperture, subject distance, or space between the subject and background, to change DOF.

November 26 (Tuesday) – WORKERS/PEOPLE AT WORK – Pictures of a person or multiple people either involved doing their job, or portrayed wearing the uniform and/or with the special equipment relating to their job. We see people every day doing their jobs; find some interesting people, jobs, or situations and capture them.

December – No competition meeting.