August 25 Competition Zoom Recording

A recording of our August 2021 Competition held via Zoom. The subject was “Minimalist Photography” for this competition.

Our judge was Trish Sangelo, a fine art and portrait photographer and educator who works at Arapahoe Community College.

This video has images from all of the competition groups. Due to some technical difficulties, we did not have a chance to break them up into the F5.6-16 groups. You’ll see all images in one folder here.


0:00 Intro & Club News, 6:09 Judging Starts, 16:52 9’s and 10’s – First Group, 21:20 Back to Judging, 28:57 9’s and 10’s – Second Group, 31:44 Back to Judging, 39:42 9’s and 10’s – Third Group, 42:09 Back to Judging, 53:41 9’s and 10’s – Fourth Group, 57:38 Back to Judging, 1:08:09 9’s and 10’s – Final Group, 1:13:00 Final comments / Outro