August 2022 Program Zoom Recording

Recording of the presentation from Scott Wilson titled “Photo Advocacy: Continuing the Journey. The role our photography can play in creating a platform for change or community benefit.” given to the Focus Camera Club on August 10, 2022.

Program Description

Scott Wilson, a past member of Focus club, gave a presentation about 2 years ago detailing his photography journey, cancer challenges, and advocacy efforts using his photography including publishing a book. And he opened a gallery in Denver during the pandemic. (That video is here

Here Scott talks about all those things and how photography ties into his success. (Kind of a “part 2” to his presentation from years ago) He goes on to discuss his recent work advocating for wild mustangs in Sand Wash Basin and other parts of Colorado.

Scott is an award winning photographer whose efforts have brought international attention to the plight of Colorado’s wild mustangs. He was selected 2022 Open Photographer of the Year and Winner of the Natural World & Wildlife award in the SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS.

His website is and you can find him on Facebook here
Scott and his partners run Gallery 6 in the Santa Fe Art District in Denver.


0:00 Intro and club news, 8:00 Recap of past experience, 16:55 Sand Wash Basin horses, 21:01 Purposeful shooting and storytelling, 30:01 Take chances and seize opportunities, 37:06 Take a break and recharge, 40:49 Be willing to speak out, 47:05 Upcoming documentaries + talks, 48:39 Q & A / Outro
(a big thanks to Scott for spending a half hour with us answering questions)