August 14 Program with Wendy Gedack

Recording of the presentation by Wendy Gedack titled “Exploring Colorado’s Fall Landscapes” given to the Focus Camera Club August 14, 2020.

Wendy gives us details on when to shoot and also maps out where the iconic spots (and a few hidden gems) are here in Colorado for landscape photographers.

Program Description
Have you ever wanted to know when peak times for fall color are in Colorado and the various places to shoot in this beautiful state? During this presentation, Wendy will be giving tips on the best times to explore some of the more iconic areas of Colorado and some areas she has found over the years that speak to her soul.

Every year presents its own challenges and rewards. She will share how she anticipates the weather and adjusts her travels to create during various obstacles. She will also be sharing some photography editing skills she uses to present her final image.

See Wendy’s work and learn more about her at her website –

Enjoy the video of this excellent Program.