April 2024 Program Recording

The recording of the presentation from Robert deJonge titled “Photography, A Creative Mindset” given to the Focus Camera Club on April 10, 2024.

Program Description

“Yes, you need to learn the skills of the trade, but are you nurturing the creative, natural, part of your process that leads to more exciting art?”

Bob talks about the mindset needed to produce creative art in your photography, along with showing his work and the thought process that went into shooting and creating his images. This eye-opening talk will inspire you to look at the world a bit differently.

You can find examples of Bob’s work at https://michiganartisan.com/


0:00 Club News & Intro, 6:43 Creative Mindset, Photography = Art, 22:38 Art Photos and the creative process, 1:03:08 Q & A / Outro