April 2023 Program Recording

The recording of the presentation from Todd Nettelhorst titled “Phone Photography: From Pocket to Post” given to the Focus Camera Club on April 12, 2023.

Program Description

In this presentation you will be introduced to camera apps, modes, settings, processing tools, and accessories (such as lenses) to help you use your smartphone to capture amazing images. From your pocket to posting on social media, you will be walked through a step-by-step workflow for both iPhone and Android phones and cameras. With an understanding of this incredible handy tool and a little practice, you will see immediate improvement in your images.

Our presenter, Todd Nettelhorst, is an award-winning photographer and international speaker who has had a passion for photography and film making much of his life. His path to becoming a professional photographer began while documenting the honesty in his children’s lives, and then evolved as others asked him to capture that same spirit in their families.

See Todd’s work and learn more about him at his website https://nettelhorstimages.com/


0:00 Club news and Intro, 7:20 Presentation intro/overview, 12:42 Photo Apps, 34:53 Post processing (Snapseed), 44:32 Photography tips, 58:17 Photo sharing, 1:03:23 Gear for phone photography, 1:11:54 Summary and upcoming workshops, 1:15:54 Q & A and final comments