April 10 Program with Joseph Roybal

Did you miss the Zoom meeting? Or do you want to rewatch Joseph’s presentation?

Here you go. The Zoom recording of the April 10 Program presentation from Joseph Roybal titled “Off the Beaten Path” is about 55 minutes long.

About the Program

To me, photography is all about getting off the beaten path finding your own icons both literally and figuratively. Pushing our own boundaries and searching for that next great photograph and icon is what this chase is all about and what we all love, it’s finding how to balance our pursuits responsibly being the key.

In this talk we will explore some of these ideas and bring about a discussion on them. We will also learn how I scout locations virtually and set up compositions before I ever even arrive at a spot as well as basic TOPO map understanding to help us all Get Off the Beaten Path a little safer and with ease.

Visit Joseph’s website for more info about him and go grab his free PDF with his 5 Secret Tips and Techniques in the Field.

Click below to watch the presentation. Pop it out to fullscreen if you’d like too. Enjoy.