Digital Submissions

Focus Camera Club members can send their digital entries for monthly competitions using the form below. Required fields are marked. You do not need to enter anything in the “Comments” field unless you expect to miss the competition meeting. In that case, the comments entered will be read if you win an award.

** Max size is 1400×1050 pixels. ** Submitted images must not exceed 1400 pixels wide and no taller than 1050 pixels, or they will be rejected. Submitted files must be JPGs (.jpg or .jpeg extensions allowed), saved in sRGB color space, and no larger than 1024 KB (1.0 MB)

Proper Metadata needs to be in the JPG file as well (In Photoshop – Document Title and Author, In Lightroom – Title and Creator), and instructions are in the FCC Digital Upload PDF linked below.

Also, the Deadline for Submissions is Midnight on the SATURDAY before the Wednesday competition!

They’re here! Paul put together a FCC Digital Upload Instructions PDF that details image sizing and prep for Digital Submissions for PS / PSE / and Lightroom. And Karl put together a PS Action and a Lightroom Export Preset for you to use. Both will help ensure you are creating properly sized and formatted images with the appropriate Metadata.

Download the ZIP file for Focus LRExport PSAction (Right click and Save, PDF instructions included in the ZIP file).

Each entry’s file name should start with your initials, followed by an underscore, and then the Image Title. For example, fg_MyAwesomePhoto.jpg

The TITLE fields below must not include your initials or the filename!

Fill out the form below to submit images.